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Social Media Marketing training?

I have no experience in Social Media Marketing but have plans to start.
I have strong technical background but no marketing background.

Any suggestions about good training course for me?
Online training is preferred.

Posted by Harut
Junel Zwarts

If you really want to learn social media marketing just start a self training by following the below points:

1.Make your profiles on Facebook, Twitter ,Goggle+ and start updating regularly.

2.You just have to focus on others and try to trap what others are doing in their social media sites.

3.Follow good profiles and try to do better than that.

4.Try to learn everyday a new and interesting tip and implement the same on to your page.

5. Always post good and interesting content to attract the users to read you post.

6. Use images and tag people on them.

7. Upload videos giving some informative message.

8. Last but not the least always maintain a conversational tone with your followers and friends.

How can I use social media in training?

Being a professional in the HR industry around management development I'm interested in examples.

Posted by destiny
Junel Zwarts

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Is there an agency that specializes in social media training for Marketers?

I work at a Fortune 500 company and I want to better educate my marketing organization around social media. We know the basics so I would like something that is more sophisticated and actionable.

Posted by dmunk2000
Junel Zwarts

There is an agency that I am aware of called PR Squared that does social media training. Outside of that I might suggest attending an OMS (online marketing summit) conference. I attended one that came to Atlanta and sat in on several of their social media presentations and found them be actionable plus they went above and beyond the basic do's and dont's that you find circulating online.

I hope this information helps.

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